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Fun's Over Folks, @CondeElevator Has Taken Its Last Ride

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After what was possibly the most talked about fashion-related bit of news (well, sort of news) all week, @CondeElevator is officially over. This morning, the Post reported that @CondeElevator had more followers than @Details, and one "high-ranking executive" made the comment that "the online strategy of one rogue Conde employee seems better than that of some Conde magazines. How many magazines have built a Twitter following that fast before?"

Good point, and a slick move if Conde's trying to beef up their online content. After that, the chance that this was all coming from Conde PR was a little stronger, especially since one of their reps said in the same story, "While we're curious about who or what might be behind the feed, we're certainly not overly concerned." But after the tweeted resignation hit a little over an hour ago, we're back to thinking that it was just an employee who's now really afraid of getting fired.
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