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Ohio Convenience Store Plays Classical Music to Deter Loiterers

A Mozart a day keeps the loiterers away.
A Mozart a day keeps the loiterers away.

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Meanwhile, in Columbus, Ohio, the United Dairy Farmers convenience store has discovered the secret to warding off loiterers—by replacing the store soundtrack with blaring classical music.

"You can hear it all the way down the street," said customer Allie Beck.

Beck and other customers said people always seem to be loitering around the store, some asking for money and hassling those who pass by.

But since the music started playing earlier this week, the customers said they saw a decrease in the number of people hanging around, Hirsch reported.

"I'd rather listen to the music than have everybody out here," Beck said.

· Customers Say Classical Music Played At UDF Curbed Loitering [10TV]

United Dairy Farmers

900 North High Street, Columbus, OH