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MTV's Newest Reality Show Stars 23-Year Old Chelsea Settles—She Weighs 324 lbs and Wants to Work in Fashion

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Looks like MTV is jumping on the plus-size fashion reality TV bandwagon—this October, the network will premiere Chelsea Settles, a show starring a 23-year old who moves to Los Angeles from her small home town to try to score a job in the fashion industry. So far, so The Hills, right?

Just one catch: Chelsea weighs 324 pounds.

We've got a sneak peek at the Chelsea Settles trailer (check it out after the jump), and from what we gather, the series will follow her on interviews, meetings, social outings, and training sessions (what would an MTV show about a larger person be without the weight loss component, eh?) and will document every joy, every tear, and every struggle as Chelsea embarks on her chosen career path—a journey that's no easy feat for anyone, but made even more challenging because she's a larger woman who wants to work in a superficial and image-driven industry.

We can't wait til the season premiere.

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