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The Thuggie: Basically, a Really Long Fleece Snuggie-Like Hoodie

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We don't own a Snuggie, but we've heard good things about them—they're warm and soft and will forever change the way you couch potato. But the one major Snuggie drawback? They're difficult to wear outside (not that people haven't tried, we're sure). Anyway, say hello to The Thuggie—a Snuggie-like giant fleece yashmak thing that looks like a really long hoodie.

According to its description, the Thuggie is "pants-optional, roomy, always flattering, always fits, and never wrong for any occasion." That last part is up for debate, but we get where they're coming from. The $75 Canadian-designed garment comes in three lengths—Young Thug, Mini-Thug, and Full Thug—and will take you seamlessly from couch-lounging activities to shopping sprees at your local big box store. Oh, and you'll feel smug in it. Or, at least, according to claims on the Thuggie website:

Unlike other semi ironic leisure apparel, the Thuggie equips the wearer with a sense of security, satisfaction, extreme comfort and a gentle sense of smugness. You are guaranteed to feel smug in this Thug.
· Thuggies [Official Site]