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In Her High School Yearbook, Susie Bubble Was Voted: "Most Likely to Become the Next Donna Karan"

Susie Bubble at Intermix in New York
Susie Bubble at Intermix in New York

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One of our favorite style bloggers, Susie Bubble, gives a great interview to the folks over at Intermix—who, omg have a blog!—where she talks about everything, from how she works, to what her typical day is like, to her food-blogging aspirations (we'd totally read a Susie Bubble food blog, btw). Our favorite tidbit? When Susie reveals that in high school, she was voted Most Likely to Become the Next Donna Karan. So prescient, those high schoolers!

I got “Most Likely to Become the Next Donna Karan.” I came from an all-girls school that was not very fashion-y. I think that was the only designer they could think of. No offense to Donna Karan, because she’s a legend. I did also get an award for wearing a different outfit everyday. I’d buy all these clothes from Hong Kong and Japan and go to school in freaky-deaky outfits and everyone would be like, “Oh, Susie that’s an interesting combination you’ve got on there.” I think people sort of jokingly made fun of how much I loved clothes. That’s why I got the Donna Karan thing.
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