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Obsession of the Day: J.W. Hulme Co.'s New Archival Auction Site

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We're cutting out a little early today (because it's Friday and still, technically, summer—Hurricane Irene and inclement weather be damned) but wanted to leave you with a new site filled with totally covetworthy objects. Today, J. W. Hulme Co., the 100+ year old St. Paul, Minnesota-based leather and canvas bag manufacturer, launched its archive auction site. All the items up for grabs—to the highest bidder, of course—are discontinued and/or one-of-a-kind pieces unearthed from the deepest depths of the company's archives. There are some great bags already posted on the auction site today, but make sure to check back, as they'll be adding more great archival items as the weeks go on.
· Auctions [J.W. Hulme Co.]