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Engagement 101 Magazine (Yes, This is an Actual Magazine)

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One of our colleagues here at Racked HQ spotted this Engagement 101 magazine at the airport over the weekend. Hilarious (and bizarrely) taglined "The Magazine to Read Before You Get Engaged"—what does that even mean?—the seasonal magazine covers everything you'd, uh, imagine a wedding-obsessed engagement magazine to cover. Inside are pages and pages of engagement rings, engagement stories, proposal stories, and, of course, a bunch of wedding-related things like gowns and bridesmaid dresses.

What we want to know is: Is the bridal and wedding market so oversaturated that now engagements get an entire media category of their very own? Here's one thing we know for sure: There's probably no easier way to scare the bejeez out of your trigger-shy significant other than leaving this pre-engagement magazine lying around. Oh hi, honey, no pressure.
· Engagement 101 Magazine [Official Site]