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Jay-Z Buys Billionaire Boys Club

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Breaking news: GQ is exclusively reporting that Jay-Z's Rocawear label has acquired the license for Billionaire Boys Club. Does this mean that BBC will be in Macy's this fall? GQ writes: "Sources say that Jay-Z and Pharrell, the current face and force behind BBC, will work as a tandem—using Jay-Z's business prowess and Pharrell's creativity. Hypebeast, fret not! BBC won't be on the shelves of large department stores simply because it's under the Roc umbrella." UPDATE: GQ contacted us with the following statement: "Jay-Z has clarified that Rocawear did not purchase BBC. Instead, the deal is a partnership. “‘Partnering with Pharrell on BBC’ (Not ‘buying’ as GQ erroneously reported.)," wrote the music mogul."[GQ]