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Remove Waterproof Mascara

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Things we love about waterproof mascara: less smudging, spiky lashes, its inherent waterproof-ness. Things we don't love about waterproof mascara: It's really hard to get off. We've spent the past month wearing our new favorite mascara and every night, getting it off our lashes has been a total chore (believe you us, we've tried everything). Last week, our friend gave us this new Sonia Kashuk "Remove" eye makeup remover ($9.99 at Target, and it even comes with a travel size buddy) and it's the best waterproof mascara-remover we've used all season. No need to rub or scrub at your lashes—the Sonia Kashuk eye makeup remover easily soaks off all traces of waterproof mascara easy peasy. We're hooked. [Target]