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Zara's "Dear America" Photos Celebrate US E-Commerce Launch

(from left to right) Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas
(from left to right) Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas

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In celebration of the US launch of its online shop, Zara has has released a "Dear America" collection consisting of 50 specially curated photographs. The individual photos, all by different photographers, provide a quirky and unique look at what is representative of each state. Zara's US site will officially be up and ready to shop on September 7th.

California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware

Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho

Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas

Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland

Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi

Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada

New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York

North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma

Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina

South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah

Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia

Wisconsin, Wyoming

· Zara US Online [Official Site]