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Drew Barrymore's New Neiman Marcus Ads; The Situation Sues

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EVERYWHERE— Here are Drew Barrymore's new Neiman Marcus ads for fall 2011. We love the hair and the feeling of autumn coziness in the images.

NEW JERSEY— Finally, the Jersey Shore is striking back. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is in the first stages of filing a lawsuit against Abercrombie & Fitch, alleging that the company has "infringed on his legal copyright by printing clothing inspired by several of his slogans," reports Digital Spy. Abercrombie has printed and sold T-shirts emblazoned with "The Fitchuation" and "GTL Fitch." Last month, the company issued a press release offering The Situation money to stop wearing its clothes. Sorrentino says no such offer was ever made.

NEW YORK— Apparently, last night Valentino sang karaoke at Carine Roitfeld's fashion week party, which took place at a former strip club on the west side.

LOS ANGELES— Cher, yes, that Cher, keeps going outside in face masks—full on green glob things. Check out these photos, they're kind of mesmerizing—though we're not sure if it's because of her face mask or because of her bright orange tracksuit.