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It's Fashion Week and All We Want to do is Put On Sweatpants: Here Are 10 That Would Do the Trick

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We've hit the hump of Fashion Week, and our borderline-exhaustion has caused us to think the unthinkable: We'd really just love to be hanging out in sweatpants right now. If you're craving a lazy Sunday just as much as us, take a look at ten of our favorites, ranging in style from the classic high school gym sweats to some that are a bit more fancy.

1. Monrow vintage sweat, $110 at American Rag: These are about as old school as sweatpants come, right down to the drawstring and elastic ankle.

2. Lanvin lurex sweatpants, $1,780 at MyTheresa: And now for something a little more fancy, we bring you sweatpants that almost cost $2,000.

3. Free City sweatpant, $260 at Conley's: All of the cool kids wear Free City sweatpants, right? Jump on the bandwagon with this purple pair.

4. Wildfox "Bisous Spots—Gidget Pants," $92 at Wildfox: A little tacky, sure. But you're probably not going to leave your house in them, so who cares.

5. Talc baggy sweatpant, $75 at La Garçonne: These. Look. So. Comfortable.

6. Son Of John co-ed boxer short sweatpants, $118 at OMG these have boxers built into them. Kudos if you can pull these off and somehow look cooler than this.

7. Victoria's Secret Pink "Lsu" crop varsity pant, $30 at Victoria's Secret: Sure, teenage girls wear these. But so does Victoria Secret angel Chanel Iman! Go on and embrace your inner 16-year-old with a pair of Pink sweatpants.

8. Viva Vena "Cadillac" sweatpants $80 at Oxygen Boutique: For a cooler take on velour J.Lo sweatsuits, there's an option to buy a matching shirt with these.

9. Maharishi "Bonsai" forest sweatpant, $130 at Flannels: Now that camo's made a comeback, the print can safely trickle into the realm of sweatpants. These are also available in a navy print, in case you're trying to blend into the ocean rather than the forest.

10. Jack Wills "Gathorne" skinny sweatpant, $49 at Jack Wills :And now you can pretend you're in college with these Jack Wills sweatpants. That's right, no work tomorrow. Just cramming for an exam while eating ramen noodles and drinking a 40. You know, the glory days.
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