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The Mere Suggestion K-Pop Star DBSK's U-Know Yunho's Presence Induced a Near-Riot at Lincoln Center

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Footage by David Sherwin for

We were first introduced to the fame and celebrity of international sensation and K-Pop band DBSK (TVXQ) lead singer, U-Know Yunho Thursday night, at Lacoste's FNO After-Party. Imagine our surprise when we are entering Lincoln Center on Saturday afternoon and happened upon hundreds of his tearful screaming fans.

This guy draws an impressive crowd. Just the suggestion of his presence inside the tents lead these fans to flock to the site and coordinate song and dance in anticipation. U-Know Yunho and a fellow band mate walked in Lacoste's same day Spring 2012 show, and just as "Lacoste Loves NY", NY loves Yunho (as many hand-made signs displayed). DBSK's fan club boasts the Guinness world record for most members—a clever strategy for Lacoste seeing as many fans told us they were stocking up on the brand's polos purely because of association with the band.

Check out our video of what we witnessed before the star even arrived, followed by a reference picture for future social Yunho spotting.—Payton Wang
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Lincoln Center

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