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All Guys Look Cuter When They Wear Gant by Michael Bastian

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Oh yeah, there were some girl models there too

We hopped over to the far west side this afternoon to check out the spring 2012 Gant by Michael Bastian collection—a presentation held at The Park, that restaurant-slash-bar-slash-lounge-type space on Tenth Avenue. Check out some of the looks in our gallery, above.

We've always loved this collaboration because it makes total sense. "Their whole thing is American heritage sportswear and that's my thing," Bastian told us back in 2010, "so that's kind of a natural fit." Also, we're crazy about Bastian's bold use of colors, easy-to-wear looks, and how somehow, magically, all guys look cuter when they're wearing Gant by Michael Bastian.
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