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Temporary Stick-On Pockets for the Pocketless, Fart Neturalizers

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Today in brilliant things we can't believe we didn't think of: Say hello to Pocksies, an innovative (yet so simple!) product from Solutions that Stick. Pocksies are temporary sticky pockets that give you a place to stash credit cards and keys and save you the trouble of carrying a clutch bag. Simply peel the bandage-like rectangular pocket from its backing and stick to any item of clothing (we suggest sticking it inside clothing so it can't be seen, it's beige). Ta-da.

Also from the same company: disposable fart neutralizers, above, carbon-infused smell-killers to stick in farty pants; underarm guards to prevent sweat leak-through; and this sticky thing that protects against ring around the collar.
· Solutions that Stick [Official Site]