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It's Milan vs. New York & London in a Fashion Week Fight

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We're barely out of spring 2012 collections here in New York and, already, the powers-that-be are planning spring 2013 show dates—and it's not going very smoothly. Turns out New York fashion week organizers (namely, the CFDA) want to kick off fashion week here on September 13th. Convention since the late-90s has dictated that New York shows happen first in the international fashion calendar (thanks Helmut Lang).

So what's the big deal? Milan is peeved. WWD reports that the Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana, Italian fashion's governing body, is against it because the resulting schedule would leave Milan crushed in just a few days between London and Paris.

The chamber, [Head Mario Boselli] added, stands "united and firm," as it does not want to postpone its shows too late into September or be "squeezed" in between London and Paris. "If anything, several Italian designers would like to see the shows running earlier, some even in July," he said.

While it would not impact the February shows, Boselli explained that shows later in September would fall "too late for production."

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