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Sunshine Days: Gant by Michael Bastian's Ultra-Perky Fashion Blog

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Okay, this is really cute. We always knew Michael Bastian was one of the nicest people in the fashion industry—not that people in the fashion industry aren't nice, but let's be clear, there are plenty of things about oh, we don't know, The Devil Wears Prada or Pret-a-Porter, that are for sure true—and everything about his brand-new blog just makes us want to give him a big hug. First of all, it's called Sunshine Days—for sure the perkiest, happiest fashion blog name ever. And then the blog's got all these great photos of Bastian smiling—smiling is such a fashion no-no, no? Oh, and there's also photos of male models (our favorite category of people), Bastian's mood board for Gant by Michael Bastian's spring 2012 collection, and a shot of the designer with the legendary Bethann Hardison. There's nothing about this blog we don't love.
· Sunshine Days [Official Site]