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Christina Aguilera Launches New Fragrance: Royal Desire

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In the midst of all of the New York fashion week hullabaloo, somehow we missed this, uh, gem of a fragrance launch. Songstress Christina Aguilera has just released her newest single—a fragrance called Royal Desire. That's it, there, on the right.

"With this scent, I wanted to create a truly sensory experience," Aguilera says in the release notes, "and provide a moment every day where women could pamper themselves and feel sexy and beautiful... exuding the sensual elegance of a queen."

The scene features top notes of blackcurrant and yuzu citrus, warms to a floral melange of lily, honeysuckle, rose, and iris, and deepens to a musky base. The lingerie-ish bottle was "designed to evoke a feeling of luxury and royalty—from the chocolate brown and delicate rose color combination to the regal design of the flacon." Every bottle comes with one of four silver charms—a heart, a fan, a fleur de lis, or a kiss.

Christina Aguilera's Royal Desire is available now, priced from $37 to $47 at Kohl's stores nationwide.
· Christina Aguilera Royal Desire [Official Site]