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Christian Lacroix Teams Up With Italian Mosaic Maker Sicis to Launch a Furniture Collection

Image via Elle Decor
Image via Elle Decor

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Elle Decor has a write up in their October issue on Christian Lacroix's debut furniture collection for Sicis, an Italian mosaic maker, and in it, they call him the "obvious choice." Why? Sicis President Maurizio Leo Placuzzi says: "Mosaic is all about color, and Christian is famous for the way he embellishes and plays with hues." Other things that made him a shoe-in: His great-grandparents discovered mosaics under their Arles home, and he's "long been drawn to Empress Theodora, whose effigy is in the Basilica of San Vitle in Ravenna, Italy, where Sicis's headquarters are based." So drawn, that he went and fancied up her image and put her on a chair.

Included in the collection is everything you might expect Lacroix to do: There's mix-and-matchable pieces, over-the-top shapes and colors, vibrant prints, and heavy ornamentation. Getting back to that muse, Elle Decor explains that his goal "was to imagine how a modern-day Theodora would decorate her home." If you're wondering who she was, Elle says she was a bear trainer's daughter who was a courtesan, a revolt surpresser, a political-corruption exposer, and a woman's rights expander. Lacroix adds: "She was quite a controversial character. I'm surprised nobody's ever made a film about her life."
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