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Vogue Italia EIC Franca Sozzani on the Cult of Editorial Personality

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The New York Times' Eric Wilson, himself a sort of cult editorial fashion figure, spoke with longtime Vogue Italia Editor-in-Chief Franca Sozzani in Milan this week. He asked her why she thinks everyone's fascinated with her and why she's being interviewed everywhere all of a sudden. Her reply:

I think it has happened for different reasons. It has happened probably because I said something silly, like, “I don’t know why I would ever get married again, because I was much better than the man I was dating,” and so it becomes a story. The Internet is so quick, and that sentence is picked up. Sometimes I say I think elegance is very boring, or I hate fashionistas. You start with something that you say in a situation, and after that the journalists pick some sentence and some quote and say just that. It’s not that I wake up and say, “I hate fashionistas.”

But I do hate fashionistas.

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