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Twitter Twilight Zone: There Appear to be Two @Balenciagas

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Late yesterday afternoon, we got an email from a Racked tipster about a hilarious tweet sent from the @Balenciaga Twitter account that reads: "FASHION HAS NO SMELL!!!" Yes, we agree, probably one of the best fashion tweets of all time, but the account is obviously fake, right?

This morning we logged onto Twitter to try to find the tweet again, but instead of the fake @Balenciaga page, when we typed into our browser, the real (?) @Balenciaga page (above) came up. The only way we could get to the Fashion-Has-No-Smell-@Balenciaga page (below) is by clicking through other people's retweets. Both @Balenciaga pages feature the Balenciaga logo—the "real" page follows no one and has 7,913 followers. The fake page follows 34 people and has 273 followers. Both @Balenciaga pages use the same spelling.

What's going on here? Have we fallen into some Twitter black hole?

UPDATE: Fashion student @Truett solves the mystery: the fake account is spelled b-a-capital i-e-n-c-i-a-g-a. So it looks like Balenciaga, but is really Baienciaga. Evil geniuses, those fake account creators!

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