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What does Betsey Johnson Regret? Houses, Husbands or Shoes?

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Comedy writer Bonnie Datt once bought a chainmail vest "for clubbing"—a purchase she later came to lament, once she realized that chainmail isn't particularly slimming. Inspired by this, she now spends her spare time asking famous people to dish about purchases which they initially loved—but ended up regretting, for Buyer's Remorse.

Photo credit: Bonnie Datt

We love fashion designer Betsey Johnson. As a part of Andy Warhol's Factory crowd in the late Sixties, she helped create the cool, youthful, Downtown clothing style we still associate with rock and roll. (She was even briefly married to The Velvet Underground's John Cale). Today, Betsey continues to make playful, feminine, over-the-top, yet wearable, clothing and accessories. And the forever-young designer still does a cartwheel and the splits at the end of each of her Fashion Week shows. Needless to say, Betsey was at the top of our "want list" to ask about Buyer's Remorse. What, if anything, could such a creative spirit ever regret?

Racked: We're dying to know, what have you had buyer's remorse about?

Betsey Johnson: Oh, practically every shoe I've ever bought, my houses in Mexico, and my four husbands. No I don't regret those [the husbands]. I'm happy. But the houses I wish I hadn't done—because they're still sitting there for sale.

Racked: More than one house in Mexico?

Betsey: Yeah, I bought one and built one. I regret that. But that's about it. That's the only regret I have.

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