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Gareth Pugh Used to be Really Into Pantomime

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British fashion-culture-lifestyle magazine Dazed & Confused celebrates its 20th anniversary with its latest issue—and, inside, it talks to designer Gareth Pugh about his own life, 20 years ago. Mind you, Pugh was 10 at the time, so there are lots of funny anecdotes about going to Pizza Hut in a limo with his mother, how the only magazines in his house were Good Housekeeping, She, and Bella, and how he, at the time, was really into pantomime. Yes, we said pantomime:

Well, 1991 would have been one of the first times I ever did pantomime. In Sunderland, it’s a big deal. In September there are always these huge auditions at the Sunderland Empire where there’s a queue of tightly knitted buns around the theatre. It’s really scary, because you audition on the stage and there’s a choreographer who shows you the steps, and you have to do it in lines of ten. They teach you this three-minute routine and if you’re not called, then you have to go home.
In case you were wondering, he played an owl.
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