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JC Penney's Sexism Streak Rages On: Phoebe Cates Bikini Edition

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Remember a couple of weeks ago, JC Penney was busy trying to sell teenage girls this "I'm too pretty to do homework" shirt? Well, the sexist team at JCP are at it again—and this time they're selling pieces from their men's Van Heusen line by juxtaposing it against footage of an 18-year old Phoebe Cates climbing out of a swimming pool—footage they admit is intentionally objectifying—from 1982 hit movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Copyranter calls the commercial "ridiculously sexist" and writes: "Nice way to catch the attention of 40+ year-old horndog sports guys, I guess. Not sure how well it's gonna sell Van Heusen clothing, though. At least it isn't deviously subtle?"
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