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Episode 4 Recap: Hey, Let's Flaunt Our Money!


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Last night's episode of Bravo's the Rachel Zoe Project was all about the Benjamins. Let's see: While Rodger had his Boys Night in Vegas—this involved a chartered flight, a penthouse suite with a pool table, limos and a concierge being shipped out to buy Rachel some Hermès (as well as a Hangover-style morning after montage). Meanwhile Rachel had a Girls Night with Joey (who just gets bitchier and bitchier). That particular party involved buying piles of vintage couture.

Later: Jeremiah threw bundles of cash at the we-need-a-massive-house-furnished-in-ten-business-days problem and a crew of dozens packed and unpacked the old condo into the new mansion. Where were Rachel and Rodger? Nibbling on Niçoise salads poolside at a posh Beverly Hills hotel.

Totally relatable.

10.) "You have a really cute outfit on today—just sayin' ? You look like a Lebanese supermodel."

9.) "Total Pregnancy Brain" is the new forgetful.

8.) On wanting to dress Rodger and baby in matching outfits: "Can't you give me some pleasure in this? I'm not having a girl!"

7.) "I am Benjamin Button. You get older and I age backwards."

6.) "I always love myself anything in an orange box."

5.) "This baby is growing a pound a week! On my uterus!"

4.) Fondling several glittery, spangled, sequined items: "Do you think in my past life I was Liza Minnelli?"

3.) "Any excuse for a fashion moment!"

2.) "What more do I need? I have my Stella McCartney blanket-sweater."

1.) "So, I just dropped a shit-ton of money at the vintage show!" What else would you do when you're too pregnant to get to Fashion Week and your husband is in Vegas?

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