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Kanye West's $26,000 Fabrics

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Ahead of his womenswear collection debut this Saturday at Paris fashion week, Kanye West stopped in at London Trimmings, a fabric shop in Whitechapel, and dropped $26,000 on fabric. Gigwise reports: "Owner Ashraf Loonat, 31, told BBC Newsbeat that he couldn't believe it when the rapper first visited unannounced and without a large entourage. 'He was very polite, interested in what we had to say,' he said. 'What was really good was when I asked him [Kanye] why he was here himself he said, "I want to work from the ground upwards, I don't want to leave it to someone else."' Wholesaler Ashraf Loonat said West also had a cup of tea—one sugar—during the visit." [Gigwise]