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Yes Logo: Luis Gispert's Portraits of Brand and Logo Obsession

All photos are courtesy of Luis Gispert and Mary Boone Gallery<br>
All photos are courtesy of Luis Gispert and Mary Boone Gallery

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We've long been obsessed with photographer Kyoichi Tsuzuki's photo series, Happy Victimsportraits of (mostly) Japanese fashion collectors living in complete brand immersion. But what about brand-lovers who crave the logo but aren't able to shell out big bucks for the real thing? Say hello to Luis Gispert's latest exhibition, called Decepcion, which is on at the Mary Boone Gallery in New York from September 8th through October 22nd.

Gispert traveled around the country to find label-lovers who've customized their lives, wardrobes, homes, and cars with luxury logos—from Louis Vuitton (above) to Gucci, Versace, and Burberry, there's a motif for everyone aspiration.

If you had to coat your life in one brand's logo, which one would you choose?

· Luis Gispert [Official Site]