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This Louis Vuitton Nail Polish Set Can Be Yours for $595

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A Racked tipster directed our attention to this Louis Vuitton Vernis Nail Polish Set, which is apparently very rare and is selling on Fashionphile for $595. Curiously, in one photo it's positioned next to a can of Tab, perhaps as a reference point to indicate that these polishes are very old.

The website, which is a reseller of "vintage, rare, limited-edition and discontinued luxury bags," also has a layaway program, so you can put down $149 to secure exactly 0.74 fl oz of nail polish if you've got that kind of cash to burn. For $600, we suggest beginning your search now for the world's most impenetrable topcoat.
· Louis Vuitton Vernis Nail Polish Set Red & Beige VIP [Fashionphile]