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Go Ahead and Mark Your Calendars: The Fashion Week Date Dispute Is Finally Settled

Photo via Getty Images
Photo via Getty Images

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Well this took forever. Officially announced this morning via press release, the CFDA and the British Fashion Council will be moving the London Spring '13 Fashion Week dates up by a week, so that Milan can have September 18 to 25 all to themselves. (We considered recapping the dispute for you, but, honestly, it was pretty tedious the first time around.)

Here's what you do need to know...the final dates for the big four Fashion Weeks:
· New York: September 6 to 13
· London: September 14 to 18
· Milan: September 18 to 25
· Paris: September 25 to October 2

And we hope this is the last post we have to write on the topic.

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