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Lush Is Getting Into the Toothpaste Business

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Lush is known for creating pungent bath products, but their latest venture is a little bit different: they're making toothpaste. Well, more like anti-toothpaste. The environmentally friendly brand is into recyclable materials and minimal packaging, and they think we're wasting plastic by putting toothpaste in tubes. Their solution? Toothy Tabs. You're supposed to pop one of the Altoid-like tabs into your mouth, chew a little, let the stuff foam, then use your dry toothbrush to start a-brushing.

No so sure about the foaming at the mouth thing? You might be enticed by the six flavors, which include Sparkle (lemon, grapefruit, black pepper and sea salt) and Ultrablast (reen pea powder, wasabi, dried mint and sea salt).
· Lush [Official Site]