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Brand New Painless Band-Aid Could Change the Way You Cover Your Nipples Forever

Applying a Cynthia Rowley Band-Aid from her "glambulance," via Getty
Applying a Cynthia Rowley Band-Aid from her "glambulance," via Getty

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Though they still haven't found a cure for cancer yet, scientists at MIT have developed a bandage that comes off easily, without ripping your hair or your flesh off. Soon, citizens of the world will not have to choose between being a "pull it off slowly" person or a "rip it off quickly" person.

Unfortunately, the new bandage was designed for premature babies in the ICU, not for you. But maybe if everyone asks really nicely MIT will share their innovation with Cynthia Rowley so she can do another Band-Aid collab and make the world a happier place. Think of what this could mean for people who want to go braless and not have their nipples show, scientists!
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