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Science Attempts to Solve the Cyclist vs. Motorist Clash With a Mindreading Helmet

Happiness in action, via <a href="http://www.wired.com/playbook/2012/11/mit-media-lab-bike-helmet/">Wired/Spencer Lowell</a>
Happiness in action, via Wired/Spencer Lowell

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Today in potentially useful head gear, a helmet that alerts everyone on the road to the cyclist's stress level. It's called the MindRider and it seems way more effective than hand signals (spazzy arm waving that can be interpreted as don't you f*cking merge into the bike lane, Hummer, notwithstanding).

Get ready for science: The MindRider uses something called a NeuroSky MindSet, picking up a whopping 10 brainwaves that signal emotions such as concentration, fear, and anxiety, then "it indicates your mental state by flashing a visual vocabulary of traffic lights. Green is low stress, red is high stress and blinking lights indicate panic," according to MIT super (awesome) nerd Arlene Ducao, who developed this flashing wonder. Anyone willing to test the helmet's effectiveness in sales/grocery stores/other crowded public spaces, please be sure to take pictures.
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