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There Is a Saks Yeti. And He's On Pinterest.

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Yeti, chilln', via Pinterest/#saksYeti

Apparently, Manhattan's Saks Fifth Avenue has a well documented history of Sci-Fi channel-worthy happenings during the holiday shopping season, beginning in the '50s.

Per Saks' blog: "What eye-witnesses describe as some kind of "Yeti" has been spotted by tourists, sketched by Yeti-trackers, denied by Saks Fifth Avenue's chairman, debated by scientists and possibly caught on rooftop security camera footage."

Now, not only does the lovable bushel of fur have a site dedicated to tracking him, he's also quite active on Pinterest. Makes sense, everybody's doing it. The board informs us that "When the Yeti isn't in NYC, he cub-sits" and "the Yeti's friends" are penguins. He also "couldn't have made the trip to NYC without his Jack Spade kit." The evidence is clear, everyone get to Saks ASAP this season!
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