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Anna Wintour Approves of Grace Coddington's Memoir

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Grace and memoir via Getty

And what a relief; Now we can all read it. Grace Coddington, the creative director of Vogue, explained to the Telegraph UK that she was not highly anticipating the review of her highly anticipated collection of memories from boss and friend Anna Wintour for all the obvious reasons. She explains:
Oh my God, I was nervous, of course I was. Because she and I are very entwined—and I was nervous that I had said too much about her, from her point of view. But I was also nervous that she would think it wasn't well written or not well laid out. But she wrote me a really long letter saying she loved it and that was a big relief. She trusts me. I don't have anything horrible to say about her anyway, and I know everyone out there is probably hoping I get really nasty about her. A) I wouldn't, and B) I don't have anything bad to say. She's my boss and you have to respect that she makes the magazine what it is, and we all contribute. Ultimately it's her show.

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