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Butter London Just Made Three New Nail Polish Colors for Goop

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Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop has partnered with brands like Kain Label and Rag & Bone for apparel. But now the Goopster is doing a foray into beauty with three custom nail polishes from Butter London. The collab makes perfect sense, as Butter London is British-sounding but actually lives in the United States.

The three polishes are Hampstead Heath (green with gold glints), Bread and Butter Pudding (creamy nude), and Abso-bloody-lutely (red, of course). The polishes can only be bought as a set of three, and unlike previous Goop collabs ($90 white T-shirt. anyone?), this one clocks in at a respectable $36. And they're only available via Goop, not on Butter London's website. As they say in Britain, it's jolly good fun.
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