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Uniqlo's New Video Game Is Bringing Back Major Atari Nostalgia

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Uniqlo has partnered with Bic Camera, a major Japanese electronics chain, on a huge new store in Tokyo's Shinjuku shopping area (it's their Rodeo Drive or Fifth Avenue, basically). The collab is called Bicqlo, and to celebrate the two brands created a ridiculously addictive video game called Bicqlo Invaders, which you can play on the internet all day long for free. In the Space Invaders-esque game, you are a cute robot who shoots multicolored blocks with the Uniqlo logo on them while bouncing around to catchy Japanese music.

Speaking of said theme music, Fast Company was kind enough to translate the song's lyrics from Japanese into English. They are "Shinjuku Tokyo's new landmark, we have created an outrageous store! Bic Camera and Uniqlo, Bic-Bic-Bic Bicqlo Lo-Lo-Lo." All this and e-commerce too? There goes our weekend.
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