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The Long Reign of the Ugg May Finally Be Over

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Yes, that's Octomom wearing Uggs, via Getty
Yes, that's Octomom wearing Uggs, via Getty

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Uggs, the seemingly-ubiquitous Australian sheepskin boots, are not having a good year. The brand is experiencing a huge dropoff in sales, and the decline isn't temporary. Deckers, Uggs' parent company, is expecting a 14 percent drop in sales this quarter, even though cold weather usually sends people out shopping for boots.

A financial analyst told the Huffington Post that "the worst is yet to come" for the beleaguered brand. And this doesn't seem like an seems like Uggs are officially out of fashion and about to go the way of the Beanie Baby.

The Ugg is dead. Long live the Ugg!
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