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Walmart de Mexico Largely Pardoned From Bribery Accusations

Walmart de Mexico, via News Daily
Walmart de Mexico, via News Daily

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Back in April, the New York times revealed bribery allegations hit America's favorite box-store of enormous proportions, Walmart, for some questionable practices (to the tune of $24 million of under the table money) used to expedite expansion in Mexico. And now according to WWD, the Mexican state has functionally exonerated the company's south of the border branch.

A spokesperson from Mexico's Federal Comptroller's Office (SFP), which led the investigation, said that "The biggest part of the case is closed though there are two smaller investigations pending. The biggest and most serious part of the investigation is over, however." But how? Apparently the SFP "has found no proof that Walmart paid any bribes to Mexican public officials" nor "no traces of corruption" on permits or licenses. The more recent allegations slapped on the company—from tax evasion to money laundering—have yet to receive a ruling.
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