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Thanks to eBay, the Thanksgiving Sale Weekend Got a New Name

Thanksgiving Roll, as imagined by Racked editors
Thanksgiving Roll, as imagined by Racked editors

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If there's anything we can take away from last weekend, it's that retailers really, really want your Thanksgiving shopping business. The Black Friday sales that traditionally started, you know, Friday, have crept into "Grey Thursday" and earlier on one end of the holiday, and stretched all the way through to Cyber Monday on the other side.

Regardless of your feelings about the ethics of all that, there's one thing we can all agree on: These names are just not working out. Black Friday, though long-standing, is a little ominous. Cyber Monday sounds like something from the robot-controlled future. And Grey Thursday is just not going to happen. eBay VP Steve Yankovich agrees, and has taken matters into his own hands by renaming the whole song and dance the Thanksgiving Roll. Sounds delicious.
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