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Are J Brand x Uniqlo Jeans In Our Future?

A look from J Brand's spring 2012 lookbook
A look from J Brand's spring 2012 lookbook

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J Brand has attracted a new investor. Fast Retailing, the Japanese parent company that owns Uniqlo and Theory, has just bought an 80% stake in the LA-based denim and apparel brand, WSJ's Marketwatch blog reports. In a statement, Fast Retailing said it hopes to "expand its brand portfolio in the affordable luxury market and strengthen development of denim products by tapping into J Brand's expertise."

Sounds kind of boring, but here's why that that tidbit of industry babble is potentially wildly exciting. Fast Retailing has been known to cross-pollinate designs among its brands, per the sleek, affordable T Down collaboration between Theory and Uniqlo that launched earlier this month. If the buy-out means J Brand-designed jeans are going to be available at Uniqlo prices, that's a future we definitely want to be a part of.
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