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Tory Burch Officially Denies Chris Burch's Allegations: He 'Only Has Himself to Blame'

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Today in Burch on Burch battle, Tory Burch denies all allegations that she created road blocks for her ex-husband and ex-business partner Chris Burch as he tries to sell his 28.3 percent of the Tory Burch brand. She said in the official answer filed against Chris's claims that he "only has himself to blame" for failing to unload the company shares.

Also included in the filing are counterclaims that offer a Step-by-Step Guide to How Chris Burch Copied Tory Burch's Brand, in which Tory's lawyers claim he "sought out and obtained information regarding top-selling Tory Burch items by size, quantity and price, among other things" and used the info while launching his lower-priced but Tory-esque brand C. Wonder. If all her counter allegations are proven true, then Diane von Furstenburg's tisk, tisking—"What I find bizarre and nasty [...] is that he is hurting [her business] by sabotaging it, by copying it"—has some more ammo.
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