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Liz & Dick

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An interview with Liz & Dick's costume designer Salvador Perez, Jr. provided a lot of numbers: Lindsay Lohan went through 65 wardrobe changes as Elizabeth Taylor throughout the 21 days of filming at a cost of just $155,000, which, apparently, is a "deal." Perez notes that if he hadn't gotten plenty of help on all the jewelry, furs, etc. "it would have been half a million dollars." On Lindsay herself, Perez said, "She definitely had a lot of opinions. She knew what she wanted, but I think once we met and started doing fittings and she saw that I knew what I was doing, we got along just fine. It was a whirlwind tornado trying to get Lindsay to just sit, but once she did, she was great." See the results of her reported greatness on November 25. [Glamour]