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Need an Ugly Christmas Sweater By The Weekend? Order These for $25 From Nifty Thrifty

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It's that time of year again, that time when a supposed friend or loved one demands you adorn yourself in the sensory offensiveness that is the Ugly Christmas Sweater. We don't mean to sound Grinch-y but it can be exasperating finding this holiday season staple quickly and cheaply on top of everything else. No longer! For five more days, Nifty Thrifty has some respectively heinous, be-baubled and bowed, crocheted, and/or gently-used sweaters and vests. Last time we checked, the eight lookers in the gallery above were still available, but at $25 a pop, don't expect them to hang around for long. · Nifty Thrifty [Official Site]
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