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Tall Tales

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Sarah Jessica Parker, talking about her first Vogue shoot, spun the following yarn: "[Grace Coddington] pulled a teeny-tiny white bikini off the hanger, and in my whole life I had never worn a bikini?I didn't wear a bikini as a little girl. I certainly didn't wear a bikini as an older little girl, and nor would I ever put one on today. I thought 'It's Grace Coddington, I should put on what she asks me to do.' Linda Evangelista sat in the corner and told me how to stand. I have never worn a bikini since. I thought, I can summon enormous courage and reject the bikini and perhaps end my relationship with Vogue forever, or I can summon a different kind of courage, the kind where you agree to do whatever is asked of you, and that is what I did." More like a tall tale than a yarn, but we'll forgive just about anything with abs like that. [Fashionista]