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Today in Bummers: J.C. Penney and Ralph Lauren's American Living Are Done

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Ralph Lauren’s American Living brand, which has been sold exclusively at J.C. Penney for the past five years, is not being picked up for another contract by the retailer, WWD reports. The issues seems to be, one, AL's relative priciness compared to other Penney's brands, and, two, Penney's reinvention plan, which includes even cheaper pricing. While American Living—which is billed as a family lifestyle brand and covers everything from draperies to dresses to kids clothes—might be more expensive than the average Penney's fare, it's still way cheaper than anything sold at Ralph Lauren proper. Of course, there's a reason for that, namely costs cut on fabrications and detailing, but the designs are based on the Ralph Lauren archives and a lot of the stuff makes for cute, affordable basics. Check out our gallery of favorites from the current season for under $45, in case you want to stock up while you still can.??

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