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An Open Letter to Gwen Stefani

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Dear Gwen,

You must change your ways. It's not about your L.A.M.B. fashions. We love your design sensibility, including the collection you showed last night—the '60s turtlenecks, minis and bouffants, the '80s New Wave neons and prints, and the '70s punk-inspired tartans. They all worked together beautifully. Well, at least we think they did. We had to sneak under a rope to even catch a glimpse of them.

Your L.A.M.B. Fashion Week presentation Saturday night was a total shitshow. You weren't there, so you wouldn't know. Way too many people crowded into the tiny Box venue in the Lincoln Center tents. And unlike your presentation there last September, when all the models posed in a somewhat easily viewable circle in the center of the room, this time around there were only a handful of models standing against one wall. With the exception of the people in the very front, a few of the photographers and a drag queen splayed out on the floor, most guests couldn't see your work.

Even the guests who were within view of the garments didn't get to see them all, since the staff attempted to kick out the audience before the whole collection had even been presented. Many of us left frustrated and cranky, and then had to walk by a huge line of people still waiting to get in. We wanted to yell, Run for your lives," but held our tongue. And by the way, no one was passing out your run-of-show sheets, which sat forlornly unattended in a pile near the door.

Please go back to doing fashion shows. Your one last February was one of the best we've ever seen. Its beautiful clothes were presented dramatically, with the excitement of a rock concert. We left that show awed, inspired, and excited to tell everyone about your amazing collection. We left this crowded mess just wanting to take a shower.

Gwen, we believe you're the one celebrity who was born to have a label—and the large number of your designs which we've bought over the years backs that up. Just please, please, please find a better way of presenting your next collection.


Your Frustrated Supporter

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