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T Magazine Breaks Down One Piece From Thakoon's Latest Collection; Equation For Perfect Ponytail Discovered—Science And Bad Hair Day Victims Rejoice

T via ioulex
T via ioulex

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· Sometimes fashion week overload takes hold and you need to pare down your parsing methods. So give your sensory organs a breather and check out T Magazine's break down of one piece, one collection, one designer. Today they bring you Thakoon's "camel-colored wool tulip topper." [T]

· Another way to explain some of the looks we've seen this week is with handy picture equations. Find out what that means at Fashematics. [The Cut]

· Today in Science, the Brits have discovered the equation that predicts a ponytail's exact appearance using something called the "Rapunzel Number." Now that bad hair day victims are saved, the search for the cure for cancer can now resume. (Note: The equation actually does have some useful engineering and graphic design applications, but that doesn't stop the "Rapunzel Number" from sounding silly.) [Jezebel]

· Get inspiration for your personal NYFW street style from one of its first photographers, Eugene Atget. His early 20th Century shots, which will be displayed at MoMA until April 9th, are a "fascinating example of the way street merchants and gypsies dressed in Paris at the time." [Stylelist]

· Lucky offers some style codes for wearing your new rose gold trinket. Now, here's hoping your hubby/manfriend/ that guy that you tricked into a date for "Tuesday" delivers the goods. [Lucky]