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Sexy Valentine's Day Accessories, Downton Abbey Style (You Heard Us)

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If we've learned anything from Downton Abbey, it's that covering up can be just as alluring as letting it all out. (Thank you, Lady Mary.) So this year, in honor of our favorite Edwardian period drama, we invite like you to consider a set of lace or crochet gloves to accent your Valentine's Day look.

Hear us out: For one thing, lace is a beloved material, not to mention a designer favorite for spring. For another, it has somehow become one of the expected decorations for cupid’s high-holiday. And in a glove, lace maintains a certain delicacy and elegance that is very seductive to the opposite sex, if Downton is to be believed. Have a look at the ones we picked in the gallery above and see for yourself.—Rebecca Suhrawardi
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