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George Lucas Keeps Dakota Fanning Company At Rodarte, Liv Tyler Sings For Givenchy

BFF. Photo credit: Getty Images
BFF. Photo credit: Getty Images

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· Today in weird coupling, George Lucas sat next to Dakota Fanning at the Rodarte show. Awkwardness seemed to ensue. [ThreadNY]

· Meet Ruth, the calender keeper for Fashion Week who apparently has been putting together its itinerary since dinosaurs roamed the land in Louboutins, and she walked to the shows uphill both ways. [WSJ]

· What's with all these non-singers who are loosely related to the fashion world suddenly singing? First, Tavi performs Neil Young's "Heart of Gold," then Liv Tyler lends her voice to the Givenchy video featuring INXS's "Need You Tonight." [Refinery29]

· These NYFW crashers will make you shake your head in disbelief, sigh in exasperation, and giggle in a WTF kind of way. [Racked NY]