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Episode 6: Brad's Italian Job

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Last night's episode of Bravo's It's a Brad, Brad World begs the question: Why does DSquared2 exist? Helmed by mumbling Canadian twin chipmunks and inspired mostly by turn of the century Diesel and Under Armor—the whole thing just seems churlish compared to the other runways shows we followed Brad to last night (including Neil Barrett, Calvin Klein, Versace and Ferragamo, not to mention a showroom visit with Mr. Brunello Cucinelli as tour guide).

But, back to brass tacks—last night Brad traveled, with Gary in tow, to Milan for Mens Fashion Week. This is Gary's first Fashion Week and Brad's first international Fashion Week in which he's not just Rachel Zoe's assistant. While there, Brad is putting together daily diaries ("pencil in bun" a la Carrie Bradshaw) for Details on-line and seeking dresses for Jessica Alba's big premier (for Spy Kids 3-D, it's a really big premier). Anyway, it's all very luxe—they're staying at posh hotel, Brad wears 16 different outfits a day and Gary is convinced that every woman in Europe thinks he's heterosexual and wants him for their husbands (we're doubtful but whatever keeps him going).

10. "I plan on changing more times than Diana Ross on this trip." And he did.

9. The male models at Neil Barrett were quite something: "Well hello Milan Fashion Week! Nice to meet you!"

8. They were also quite young: "It's like preschool just let out."

7. Ferragamo's collection of white linen, over-sized flouncy pants and gorgeous leather luggage: "This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the way I think men should dress when they're on vacation."

6. At Brunello Cucinelli's showroom, where everything is taupe, Brad is wearing electric green pants and a green-piped blazer: "I feel a little bit like an alien."

5. "Blogging is intense!"

4. And today's blog: "I think today is going to be about my outfits—surprise!"

3. Where are you going to change, Brad? "I don't care where it is but I'm going to wear a lot of outfits!" "There will be a lot of quick changes."

2. Neil Barrett represents "the opposite side of my personality—where Danny Zucco lives."

1. "Fashion! Pictures! Clothes!"

Crying moments: 1

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